Featured Webinar #5: Trinnovo Talks - Empowering Gen Z: From Classroom to Boardroom

Webinar #5: Trinnovo Talks - Empowering Gen Z: From Classroom to Boardroom

  • Author: Eleonore-Emmanuella Bilambo
  • Date: 07 Jun 2022
  • Categories: Event , Community

On 7th June, Our Trinnovo Talks community came together for a networking initiative, ‘Empowering Gen Z: From Classroom to Boardroom’, hosted by Eleonore Bilambo. The webinar explored the various routes into employment, self-awareness and the importance of finding alignment with your values.

During the discussion, we were joined by:

  • George O'Connell, Recruitment Consultant at Trust in SODA
  • Indya Lofthouse-Smith, Recruitment Consultant at BioTalent
  • Jonathan Wilson-Kouevi, Associate Consultant at Broadgate
  • Vicky Metcalf, Careers Coach at Lancaster University
  • Dean Corbett, Chief People Officer at Avado

We explored the increasing pressure felt by the next generation when it comes to stepping into careers, highlighting the importance of self-awareness as to your current level. Our panel looked at soft skills and debunked the myth surrounding these more human elements you can bring to a workplace, demonstrating that good work does not always come out of data.

We would like to extend our thanks once more to our fabulous panel for their insights, our attendees for joining us for the forward-thinking discussion as well as our wonderful host, Eleonore.

Missed the webinar? We’ve got you covered – check out the webinar recording here.


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