Featured Webinar #1 Beyond Gender - Managing Diverse Teams Remotely Video Footage

Webinar #1 Beyond Gender - Managing Diverse Teams Remotely Video Footage

  • Author: Lucy Neal
  • Date: 27 May 2020
  • Categories: Videos

We held our first Broadgate Search Social webinar in collaboration with PRMIA on the 20th of May. A panel of experts discussed how they are leading geographically dispersed teams, measuring performance and dealing with the challenges and opportunities that remote working enables. 

Risk managers across the globe are working hard to help their organisations navigate the unprecedented challenges posed by the coronavirus. In many cases, they are doing so remotely, managing teams whose members who may be geographically dispersed across the globe, facing medical challenges themselves, or looking after others who do. Adding to the challenge, in many cases they are using unfamiliar conferencing tools to do so and they are operating in a climate of major uncertainty, where planning is almost impossible. Our panel touched on how the epidemic has affected the nature and amount of work and how they have had to adapt in the current climate, how to effectively communicate with their teams and the main challenges as managers that they have faced and the positive aspects they have learnt in the process.


Our panel:

- Kathryn Kerle - Chair, Steering Committee, PRMIA

- Saadia Mujeeb - Global Head of Funds, Prime & CCPs Risk, NatWest Markets

- Diana Paredes - Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder, Suade Labs

- Kathy Griffin - Chief Risk Officer at Earnd

- Karina Townley - Managing Director for Client Services across EMEA at Guidant Global


Check out the video footage below:

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