Featured Spotlight on our Inspirational LGBTQIA+ leaders – Terra Cooke

Spotlight on our Inspirational LGBTQIA+ leaders – Terra Cooke

  • Author: Aisha Bushell
  • Date: 24 Jun 2022
  • Categories: Community , Pride

At Broadgate, part of Trinnovo Group, we have been shining a spotlight on the inspirational LGBTQIA+ leaders in our community, highlighting their thoughts on the importance of Pride, what it means to them and how we can do more to empower this community in the workplace.

We have been sharing some of their impactful answers on our social channels throughout June, but want to take the message beyond simply highlighting the importance of Pride, but also share the stories and sharing the insights of our network of inspirational leaders, enabling our community to learn how we can do more to act as allies and advocates for our LGBTQIA+ community.

Terra is a magical girl who’s been in the security game for 10+ years. She's here for all things security, technology, and non-performative intersectionality, and of course, cats! She currently serves as the Director of Compliance at ByteChek.

What does Pride mean to you?

Pride means celebrating being one's authentic self and acknowledging those who came before us, making it possible for these parades and rainbows to be a thing known publicly and proudly.

What makes you feel empowered in the workplace?

Knowing I can actually say I'm a queer person without being judged and seeing other queer folks in leadership who are also out.

How can colleagues be allies in the workplace?

Just talk to folks and educate yourselves considering Google is free. No one wants to be shunned or made to feel lesser than.

What can businesses do to empower the LGBTQIA+ community?

Hire them, train them, do the education/work to retain them, put them in positions of power and leadership. Also keep in mind that LGBTQIA+ folks are more than just gay, White men.

Advice to your younger self

Whew, it's gonna be a bumpy and scary ride. The feelings you feel are A LOT and I know you're afraid of being judged. However, honor who you are, first and foremost. Those who love you, wholly and truly, will fall in line and the rest will fall by the wayside.

At Trinnovo Group as part of our Pride campaign, we are raising money for Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI), a non-profit member-driven organisation that was founded in 2006. TENI has a vision for a world where all people, regardless of gender identity or expression, enjoy full acceptance, equality, and human rights.

Please feel free to donate to the cause here.


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