Featured Recap: Webinar #8 - Inclusivity Matters: Diversity in Accounting and Finance
Recap: Webinar #8 - Inclusivity Matters: Diversity in Accounting and Finance
  • Author: Lucy Neal
  • Date: 12 Mar 2021
  • Categories: Community

On March the 11th our Broadgate Search Social community came together for our webinar session, ‘Diversity Matters: Inclusivity within accountancy and finance,’ in collaboration with Financial Executive Networking Group KC Metro Chapter.

A prevalent theme of the evening was the importance of fostering
and nurturing inclusion. Nadine Dyer noted a key way to show inclusion is through recognition, referencing a ‘thank you wall’ initiative by Deloitte, highlighting and thanking peers and colleagues who have produced high-quality work. Bianca also spoke about her organisation’s initiatives to nurture inclusion.

We’d like to thank our forward-thinking panel for their invaluable insights during the evening, and to our community for joining the discussion. Stay connected – we will be releasing the video footage and our white paper with our findings very soon. We can help you to achieve a culture of belonging where diversity is the default. At Broadgate Search, inclusion is the norm, not the exception. Reach out to us at enquiries@broadgatesearch.com


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