Featured Recap: Webinar #5: It's Not a Month, It's A Movement: Inspirational Black Women in Finance

Recap: Webinar #5: It's Not a Month, It's A Movement: Inspirational Black Women in Finance

  • Author: Alfie Rice
  • Date: 16 Oct 2020
  • Categories: Videos

Last night, we held our Broadgate Search Social webinar, ‘It’s Not a Month, It’s a Movement: Inspirational Black Women in Finance.’ We're thrilled to say we have raised £677 for Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust! Thank you to all who donated.

We touched on a number of topics surrounding race, experiences in the workplace, challenges, and how easy/difficult it is for Black people to openly discuss these topics with their colleagues. Our panel agreed that while more people are getting comfortable with having uncomfortable conversations, there is still much more work to be done. 

We then touched on Black History, and how by teaching this in schools from a young age will allow a larger interaction between children; there is a large emphasis on the negative Black history, when in fact, there is a prominent richness in the history that should be celebrated and taught. A key insight spoken about was the difference between ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion,’ while diversity may be easy for organisations, the inclusion element still needs work - can we really bring our true authentic selves to work? Sandra Brown movingly finished this argument by stating ‘diversity is being asked to the party, inclusion is being asked to dance.’ 

We’d like to thank for incredible panel members for their insightful conversations last night, it was truly amazing to hear the honest, raw and impactful discussions that you all bought to the table. We must also thank our wonderful, inquisitive audience who whole-heartedly supported the event and the discussion. Stay with us at Broadgate Search – we plan on continuing these conversations in future webinars.

You can watch the video footage here:


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