Featured Recap Webinar #10: Women in Cyber: My Journey

Recap Webinar #10: Women in Cyber: My Journey

Our Broadgate Search Social community came together for our highly anticipated webinar, ‘Women in Cyber: My Journey,’ hosted by our very own Katie Chan. We explored how women have entered the information and cybersecurity arena and flourished within their own space. Our market-leading experts touched on experiences and individual journeys whilst encompassing anecdotes of challenges and successes as well as the choices which have impacted their careers. A prevalent theme discussed was imposter syndrome. Imposter syndrome can have a significant impact on confidence and strength, we asked our panel if they had any advice for individuals who may also be experiencing this. Shawn Kammerdiener stated that failure is simply learning and explained how it is important to learn from people with wider knowledge and experience. Be inquisitive and candid about the fact you may not understand certain aspects of the role: people will want to help, educate, and lift you up. Lesley O'Neill also stressed the importance of role models when combating imposter syndrome and referenced a particular mentor who gave her the confidence boost and words of encouragement she needed. On behalf of all at Broadgate Search Social, we would like to thank our panellists Malia Mason, Lesley O'Neill, Hui (Monica) Yang, Jake Satcher, Shawn Kammerdiener for all of your valuable insights during the discussion. Thank you, also, to our lively audience, many of whom joined us shortly after for our virtual networking session.

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