Featured Podcast Episode 1 - Gender Diversity with Nicola Crawford
Podcast Episode 1 - Gender Diversity with Nicola Crawford
  • Author: Lucy Neal
  • Date: 06 Aug 2019
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If you're looking for a way to stay up to date with the financial services recruitment world then have a listen to our podcast series. The series brings together market leading experts. Our host Adrian McCarthy discusses topics uncovering industry insight, career experiences, industry trends, diversity and inclusion and unmissable lively debates.

In this episode we discuss gender diversity in financial services with Nicola Crawford. Nicola is Chief Risk Officer at FSCS and past Chair of the Board, Institute of Risk Management. We talk to Nicola about her career experiences, global cultures, positive discrimination, how to overcome unconscious bias and the importance of a diverse workforce. Get ready to feel empowered by a Nicola who is a woman leading in the financial industry.


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