Featured Podcast #9 - ‘Ethnicity Talks’ - Audit, Mindset & Cultural Fit with Jeffrey Adams

Podcast #9 - ‘Ethnicity Talks’ - Audit, Mindset & Cultural Fit with Jeffrey Adams

  • Author: Lucy Neal
  • Date: 11 Jun 2020
  • Categories: Podcasts

Jeff is an accomplished senior leader with 25+ years’ experience in audit and financial cost management. He is recognised for implementing high-level strategies that strengthen audit and risk assurance functions across source to pay in complex business markets. Using his strong commercial acumen and deep knowledge of supply chain, procurement, process improvement and financial analysis and he supports businesses through spearheading cost recovery or revenue assurance projects, reducing and mitigating business risks and driving exponential efficiencies.

During this episode we discussed how audit has been brought to the forefront of importance for business continuity training and how organisations must expect the unexpected. The current health crisis is driving businesses to new ways of thinking, operating with more unconventional and inventive methods.

We talked about the beginning of Jeffrey’s career where he experienced inclusive and democratic leadership styles, which inspired him with to become an empowering leader. Jeffrey questioned ‘cultural fit’ as a strategy when hiring teams, being that it lacks true diversity and inclusivity and can create a monoculture that has the inability to think outside the box.

We then touched on diversity mandated quota enforcements, and how education is more important. Research shows that diverse teams have the capability to drive innovation, improve inclusivity, increase profitability and enable organisations to make more balanced decisions. When considering the term ‘BAME’, Jeffrey believes the term ‘ethnic minority’ to be easier to understand. From the very nature of the term BAME being exclusive as it categorises different ethnicities into the same group and seems to be out-of-date having been created by the government in the 1970’s and stemmed from the “political blackness” anti-racist movement.

Jeffrey revealed that “we can’t appreciate the good times if we don’t experience the bad times”; and discussed the importance of not allowing knock backs to define you, but to help shape you to become resilient and understanding. Sometimes the very worst thing that we experience can turn out to be the very best thing for our development. Have a listen here: 



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