Featured Podcast #8 - Insurance, IFRS17 and Project Management with Brian Birch

Podcast #8 - Insurance, IFRS17 and Project Management with Brian Birch

  • Author: Lucy Neal
  • Date: 07 May 2020
  • Categories: Podcasts

In our first of a series of podcast’s and webinars on IFRS17, we interviewed Brian Birch a Global IFRS17 Project Manager for an Insurer in London. Brian has an accountancy and finance background, he has spent his whole career within Insurance and knows the market well. He now focuses on providing a balance of leadership, technical and project skills to accounting and regulatory projects within Insurance. Brian often fills roles where existing permanent personnel struggle to meet the challenges of unstructured, technical and interdepartmental environments. He is a natural problem solver and well known currently within the IFRS17 space. Brian has produced some great content on explaining IFRS17 which can be found via his LinkedIn profile: www.linkedin.com/in/BrianpBirch

During this episode we discussed the challenges faced by insurers on their IFRS17 programmes and how the management of projects might change considering the deadline extension to 2023 and COVID19. Brian also shares his insight into his top tips to run a successful project as well as advice for those looking to get into or expand within IFRS17 roles. This is a fluid and open discussion around a complex topic which will be beneficial to anyone involved in regulatory projects. Take a listen here:


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