Podcast #5 Closing the Technology Gap with Sean Lam

Podcast #5 Closing the Technology Gap with Sean Lam

  • Author: Lucy Neal
  • Date: 02 Dec 2019
  • Categories: Podcasts

inspired by Sean’s story. Having simultaneously founded EnOC Technologies Limited whilst being the CEO of Walker Crips. Sean discusses how he adopts fresh ideas, embraces new tools, whilst disrupting the technology space; with a vision and passion to close the technology gap. Sean is quite simply a humble and unassuming everyday hero.

Sean Lam, the founder of EnOC Technologies (www.enoc.pro), is a passionate technologist and innovator. He is CEO and CTO of Walker Crips Group PLC (www.walkercrips.co.uk), a financial services group providing full-service investment, wealth, pensions advisory and regulation technology services to retail, professional and corporate clients; and the group has 5 billion client assets under management and administration.

Sean is a man from humble beginnings, graduated as an Accountant, became a financial services professional and technologist, and has been operating in the financial services industry for nearly 30 years.

Throughout his career, Sean has been 'engineering out complexities', because financial services is continuously getting more and more complicated, and so he brings together his experience as a practitioner and his knowledge as a technologist to create systems that work simply and simply work.

Sean feels that there are good systems available but they are expensive and complex to manage, and may be beyond the affordability of the smaller firms, which caused him to create the EnOC Pro Platform, to close the technology gap by offering enterprise-grade systems at a very low price point to both the very small and also the very large firms.



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