Featured Podcast #13 - LGBTQ+ Movement, Inclusivity and Empowering the Risk Community with Julien Haye

Podcast #13 - LGBTQ+ Movement, Inclusivity and Empowering the Risk Community with Julien Haye

  • Author: Lucy Neal
  • Date: 17 Sep 2020
  • Categories: Podcasts

Julien Haye joined Fidelity International (FIL) in July 2017 as Head of Non-Financial Risk in London and has over twenty years’ experience in the Financial industry. In his current role, Julien partners with FIL’s top management and Board, leveraging risk insights to improve the firm’s operating model resiliency and scalability, and product offering through effective risk management and culture, and to continuously improve the firm’s client outcome and journey.

Julien discusses how good leaders have the ability to adapt to different challenges and push boundaries – overcoming hurdles, and facing failure to understand how to overcome in the future. “You never fail, you always learn, if you don’t learn you won’t change.” Julien leads the Global LGBTQ+ inclusion strategy for FIL working closely with senior management and the HR team to nurture FIL’s inclusive and diverse culture. Having worked in less inclusive environments Julien recognises the importance of promoting the benefits of a diverse workforce therefore creating an environment where everyone can be themselves and to be a role model for LGBTQ+ colleagues. Julien opened up about being out in the workplace and how enabling himself to be himself allowed his managerial style to adapt and his communication to drive more positive change. When he was being true to himself he was able to be more understanding which led to empowering the people around him.

Julien then reflected on progress and highlighted how attitudes have evolved drastically but we need to keep up the momentum with the LGBTQ+ movement – with politics backtracking progress and bad habits coming into play. We must strive to move forward with the movement to support equality and not remain complacent as there is always work to be done to achieve true LGBTQ+ inclusivity.



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