Featured Podcast #12 - 'Ethnicity Talks' - Respect and Inclusion with Nadine Dyer

Podcast #12 - 'Ethnicity Talks' - Respect and Inclusion with Nadine Dyer

  • Author: Lucy Neal
  • Date: 25 Feb 2021
  • Categories: Podcasts

Nadine Dyer is a respect and inclusion manager at Deloitte. She is the co-chair of Deloitte's multicultural network MCN and lead for the BAME in financial advisory working group. She also sits in the firm's ethnicity council and has been pivotal in driving the conversation around Black Lives Matter, brought about for the most impactful session that has taken place within the firm. The MCN hosted the Let's talk session following the killing of George Floyd, where over 900 colleagues joined to share and learn about the black experience within the UK. Nadine is one of the four founding individuals who developed the firm's black action plan.

During this episode, Nadine initially spoke about her role at Deloitte, and how the pivotal aim of the role is to make everyone in the organisation feel included. 

Nadine spoke about her passion for helping people from a young age, before making her way to Deloitte and working in the client care team. Then, through this, moving on to work as an R&I officer. At the time of the horrific death of George Floyd, Nadine and her colleagues hosted a Let’s Talk session, where over 900 colleagues joined the call; Black colleagues shared their experiences of how they felt at work, as well as being Black in the UK, which helped White colleagues become aware of the issues at hand. Nadine expressed the level of pride and accomplishment she felt during this session and marks this as a career highlight. 

From this, Nadine pointed out that there has been a more noticeable increase in conversations about ethnicity at work: more people wanted to help, and nobody is ‘hiding behind the curtain’. Nadine spoke about Deloitte’s ‘Black Action Plan,’ launched by over 20,000 people. There are five main strands to this plan; providing equal opportunities, developing people to succeed and thrive, driving cultures and behaviour, leveraging the Deloitte brand, and finally, measuring and reporting outcomes. This has resulted in the firm making a public commitment that there will be 12% of ethnic minority and 3% of black partners by 2025.

We also touched on the term ‘BAME’ and whether it’s a suitable term to use. While Nadine acknowledged that something has to be used, it’s important to recognise that there are differences between races. Nadine explained how Deloitte has been attempting to step away from using the term BAME, and use ‘ethnic minorities’ instead to make sure there is a real focus across society, and people aren’t simply put into the same box.

When discussing the best route to getting into the D&I space, Nadine advised that individuals should look for networks, or if they don’t have a network, start one. Adding that advice she would impart onto her younger self would be to move out of your comfort zone, seek new opportunities and always say ‘yes.’

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