Featured My First Year in Recruitment at Broadgate Search

My First Year in Recruitment at Broadgate Search

  • Author: John McIver
  • Date: 25 Oct 2017
  • Categories: News

I was a recruitment Rookie and have recently been promoted to Recruitment Consultant. I started working for Broadgate Search eight months ago, on a journey which has, so far, turned out to be one extremely exciting and emotional rollercoaster of a ride. 


I had always been unsure as to what career path I wanted to go down and, after completing a few unfulfilling jobs and talking to friends in the industry, I became convinced that recruitment was the way to go. I wanted to be rewarded for hard work in a competitive, target driven environment where there was an opportunity to earn decent money. 


I started at Broadgate Search in March 2017. It is a niche recruitment company with offices in London and Dublin. It specialises in all aspects of governance, across all financial and regulated business, and has an excellent reputation in the market.


This was a whole new world and, as much as I had tried to prepare myself, I was still unsure about what I was really getting myself into. The hours were long, I had to develop extensive knowledge about my specified market and build an entire portfolio from scratch.


Not long after I started, when I was building my LinkedIn network, I glimpsed a constant stream of posts making recruiters out to be these money-grabbing cowboys who would sell their own mother if the price was right.


While I am sure there are some bad eggs out there, as is the case with most professions, these opinions surprised me. My own experience is that I work with a strong and ethical group of people who strive to remain socially responsible at any given opportunity, not just to clients and candidates but to all members of the team, including me. This really matters, especially when you are new to the business and every day throws up new issues. 


After less than six months in the job, I have had people taking counter offers, dropping out of processes and roles being pulled at the last minute; all scenarios I had anticipated I would experience at some point, but not in such a short amount of time. But any job has its ups and downs and it is a mixture of how you deal with it and how much support you get that decides how you come through it. 


I feel I have been provided with the best training and guidance I could have had, to enable me to be in the best possible position to become a successfully established consultant – to hit the ground running and make a go of it. What has struck me the most is the extent to which my colleagues are happy to take the time to talk me through any issues or grey areas, ensuring I am in the best possible position to build my expertise and prevent mistakes from happening again.


Training and support are crucial. In my opinion, whilst I may be wearing my Broadgate tinted glasses, perhaps if recruitment companies spent more time nurturing their staff with rewards and personal recognition, as opposed to seeing just figures and statistics, then they might see a significant decrease in staff turnover. 


Since joining Broadgate Search, I have been given support, encouragement and expert knowledge, guidance which has enabled me, has given me a strategic edge, to succeed. 


Recently, I achieved 'Top Rookie' before my promotion to Recruitment Consultant. Thanks, Broadgate! I am proud of the achievement and of the recruitment industry I so recently joined. My career choice of all those months ago has become, happily, my permanent home.   


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