Featured Download our Free Whitepaper - 'IFRS17 - Facing the Hurdles'

Download our Free Whitepaper - 'IFRS17 - Facing the Hurdles'

Our latest FREE white paper titled ‘'IFRS17 - Facing the Hurdles’ outlines how insurance professionals are dealing with complex regulatory change. Offering advice, guidance, and invaluable industry insights, it’s essential reading for any finance, governance, and change professionals.

We’ve underlined the key findings from the discussion:

  • It is crucial to have a clear outline
  • Consider the strategic impacts
  • Consider organisational impacts
  • Adopt a 'Wagile' methodology approach
  • IFRS17 programmes are becoming big data programmes
  • IFRS17 is more than compliance
  • Consider the current climate

Download our white paper today here: https://www.broadgatesearch.com/ifrs17-facing-the-hurdles-white-paper-download/



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