Featured Download our free white paper - 'Climate Risk: Regulations and Beyond'

Download our free white paper - 'Climate Risk: Regulations and Beyond'

Discussions brought over 120 risk professionals together to look at climate risk in the current day, the impacts of the past, and most importantly, what we can do to help shape the future. It also brought together the worlds of science, banking, insurance, and consultancy to learn and share views. 

We’ve underlined the key findings from the discussion:

  • Business Managers and Insurers are crucial for dealing with Climate Risk
  • Climate Risk cannot become a tick-box exercise
  • The pandemic has shifted ways of thinking
  • Risk functions can help in multiple ways
  • Benchmarking ensures data credibility
  • Monitoring financial implications from carbon can make a real difference
  • We shouldn’t be enabling future risk
  • Small organisations must take action too
  • If we use our creativity, we can imagine a healthier world


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