Intro to GDPR Statement

“Broadgate Search Ltd welcomes the introduction of GDPR in May 2018.  Broadgate Search Ltd takes information security seriously including that of personal data regardless as to whether Broadgate Search Ltd is considered a processor or controller. It is imperative that both our clients and candidates alike are confident in our approach and in relation to GDPR and that we have implemented the correct protocols with regards to GDPR” – Ashley Lawrence, Managing Director

In terms of GDPR Broadgate Search Ltd has been working towards being fully compliant throughout 2017/8 in order to ensure that Broadgate Search Ltd clients and candidates can be confident that they are dealing with a fully compliant GDPR business.  The work will conclude prior to the May 2018 date for introduction of the regulation.

Broadgate Search Ltd will be happy to provide documentation to customers detailing as an organisation on how we are fully compliant with all aspects of GDPR.



Broadgate Search Ltd has assessed GDPR and matched its own activities against all of those paragraphs in three key areas:

  1. A data controller of its own employee data.
  2. A data controller or processor of third party data such as activity relating to direct marketing.
  3. A data processor or controller of candidate & client personal data.

Documentation will be made available at the bottom of this commitment statement detailing the policies and activities that Broadgate Search Ltd employs matched to the clauses of the GDPR should any clients and candidates have a detailed question in respect of compliance.



  • Broadgate Search Ltd is amending its activities and associated policies and procedures as necessary in order to fully comply with GDPR following a thorough assessment.
  • Broadgate Search Ltd is amending its customer and supplier contacts to ensure the GDPR reaches throughout the supply chain for the provision of its services.
  • Broadgate Search Ltd is reviewing all of its suppliers for compliance with GDPR paying very close attention to its marketing activity suppliers.
  • Broadgate Search Ltd is carrying out Privacy Impact Assessments as necessary.
  • Broadgate Search Ltd is organising a campaign whereby customers can be briefed further on Broadgate Search Ltd’s activity in respect of GDPR.
  • The Broadgate Search Ltd website and direct marketing activity is being updated so that clients and candidates have the assurance that they will be contacted and treated in in accordance with GDPR requirements.  The website will contain Broadgate Search Ltd privacy policies clearly identified.
  • Broadgate Search Ltd will be maintaining accreditations that demonstrate its commitment to information security, including personal data.


What’s Next?

At Broadgate Search Ltd, we strive to deliver an incredible customer experience, earning the trust of thousands of users.  We will continue to make additional required operational changes resulting from the new legislation, and will keep our clients, candidates, partners and regulatory authorities informed throughout this process.  We have an internal cross-functional team who continue to monitor GDPR as it moves to become more clearly defined over the next few months, and who will continue to inform our strategy for GDPR.


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