Webinar #11: Parenthood in Finance: Nurturing Inclusive Workplaces
  • Time: 1 PM - 2:30 PM
  • Date: Tuesday 22 March 2022
  • Location: Zoom

Businesses are increasingly tackling the toxic ‘hustle culture’ which can have a fundamental impact on employee wellness. People are demanding more from companies when it comes to parental leave, flexible working, salary negotiation and family-friendly inclusion policies

Join us for the first in our Parenthood in Finance series, to coincide with Mother’s Day and International Women’s Day, we will explore how businesses can support and enable parents, particularly women to get back into work after parental leave, and how we can work to rethink family policies to empower women at work. With a particular focus on financial services and how we can drive diversity policies to boost gender diversity in senior management.

Our panel of speakers:

  • Alison Yamoyany - CFO at Digital Theatre+
  • Janna Eisenbrandt - CFO at Artdis
  • Amel Steel - Host & Chair at Broadgate
  • Dominique Highfield - Director of Finance at Pentland
  • Hester Scotton - CFO at Law Debenture
  • Laura Cox-Granville - Finance Director at Alexa Chung

Discussion points:

  • How organisations can empower parents with family-friendly initiatives
  • Addressing the gender pay gap
  • How to normalise parenthood being a part of many peoples’ careers
  • Thoughts on being a working parent, different perspectives from new mums/mothers of several children
  • What was each speakers’ experience with parental leave, going from a working woman to a working mother etc
  • What was the biggest shift in going from working women to working mother
  • What can businesses do to break workplace bias
  • How can the modern family unit / non-traditional family fit into the workplace – shared parental leave, single parents etc.
  • Differences in coming back to work as a working mother compared to a working father

Donations on the day will be to support the Magic Breakfast. The charity provides free, nutritious breakfasts to around 200,000 children in the UK who arrive at school too hungry to learn. Breakfast can be life-changing. Your donation will ensure Magic Breakfast continues to provide hungry schoolchildren with the energy they need to unlock a morning of potential and a lifetime of possibilities.

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