Recap: Leaders in Credit - Innovation and Regulation
  • Time: 6pm-9pm
  • Date: Wednesday 27 November 2019
  • Location:

How important is your relationship with the FCA? How can you add values to an organisation through innovation and regulation? Denise Crossley, CEO at Lanern, states “you have to put yourself out there and create some form of connection with firms – have a plan and know what you’re doing”.

Last night we kicked off our Broadgate Search ‘Leaders in Credit – Innovation and Regulation’ panel discussion touching upon control, affordability, quality, AI and compliance monitoring. Our speakers offered insightful thoughts on how firms monitor quality and control within the credit sector and additionally how AI ties in with this. As Marc Ireland stated, “If AI goes wrong, who is accountable?” – particularly focusing on how the FCA deals with AI complications.

Julian Graham-Rack from CURO Transatlantic offered discussion points on VREC (where a company will observe an organisation to report back to regulators) and how businesses control this regulation. He then continued to talk about how organisations should be aware of white box syndrome, where the inner components are available for inspection.

After a thought-provoking evening, we want to thank you all for attending and hope you took away some interesting points for discussion. Fill in our feedback survey to let us know how we got on:


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Tell us, how do you think organisations contribute to innovation and regulation? Is AI the future of compliance monitoring?


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